About Us

About Us

Origin, Skills & Approach

First established in 1998, Harcliff Mining Services has been on a steep upward trajectory, earning strategic domestic and global contracts with progressive international companies. We also maintain several agency and service centre agreements with global original equipment manufacturers.

Harcliff boasts an exceptionally high ratio of technically skilled and qualified personnel – a legacy from our founder, who was a talented artisan with expertise in mechanical engineering. This passion for mechanical excellence extends to our engineering and artisan team of which every member is a qualified artisan, fully able to assess and respond to your specific needs and expectations.

Since Harcliff’s establishment, our leadership team’s focus has been on quality and attention to detail. In addition, Harcliff’s policies ensures flexibility, fast-tracked delivery and competitive pricing across all products and services.

Quality, both mechanical and administrative, is integral to the way we operate. We are certified to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard and are an associate member of the American Gear Manufacturers Association.

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Innovative Solutions for Industry Advancement

Harcliff Mining Services is a pioneering force in the engineering and manufacturing sector, offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern industries. With over two decades of experience, we have continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation, setting new standards of excellence in everything we do.

Our Expertise


The design process is the first crucial step in any engineering project. We not only have a highly experienced design team, but also the technical resources to develop and produce world-class products. Harcliff utilises the latest techniques and technologies, including mechanical 3D computer modelling, KISSsoft, Inventor modelling, Ansys software, laser scanners, to develop designs for our mill and gearing products.


We take a disciplined and systematic approach to manufacturing activities, all of which are undertaken in line with the highest international quality standards. Outstanding workmanship is aided through our investment in state-of-the art technology, including a Höfler cylindrical gear grinding machinery which enables accuracies of AGMA Q12 and higher. A critical gain from the use of these advanced technologies is that manufacturing cycle times are also significantly shorter.


We refurbish a wide range of equipment, including grinding mills, gearing and gearboxes, kiln and dryer components, and rotary scrubbers. Every refurbishment is treated as a turnkey project, which includes removal from site, renovation, transportation, installation and commissioning. We also convert previously-owned mills to different specifications as a cost-effective option where the purchase of new milling machinery may be limited by budgetary or time constraints.


The installation process is a vital component of Harcliff Mining Services’ holistic service offering. The process begins with the transportation of your equipment to your site, installation, commissioning and condition monitoring. This service is available internationally via our global partners.

Our Products

Grinding Mills

Refurbishing, designing, and manufacturing high-quality mills with decades of engineering expertise for a turnkey service.

Girth Gears & Pinions

Comprehensive services for design, manufacture, repair, and installation of girth gears and pinions used in various applications.


Dedicated facility for industrial gearbox rebuilds, refurbishments, and ‘drop-in’ replacements, with installation and commissioning by experienced specialists.

Rotary Kiln, Dryer & Cooler Parts

Production of essential parts for rotary kilns, dryers, and coolers used in cement, ferrochrome, vanadium, and petrochemical industries.

Equipment Rebuilds

Quality rebuilds, refurbishments, and overhauls from component parts to complete plants, handled by highly trained artisans and technicians.

Rotary Scrubbers

Renowned for robustness and efficient washing in the gemstone industry, advancing the liberation of gemstones for enhanced production efficiencies.