Rotary Kiln, Dryer & Cooler Parts

Rotary Kiln, Dryer & Cooler Parts

Riding Rings, Rollers, Open Gearing, Gearboxes

We produce a comprehensive range of rotary kiln, dryer and cooler parts widely used in the cement, ferrochrome, vanadium and petrochemical industries.

Ø4.5m Forged Ring
Riding Ring
Ø6m Cast Riding Ring
Gyatory Crushers
Kiln Support Roller

Features and Benefits

Kiln components are produced in line with your design requirements and include castings of up to 150 tons and forgings up to 80 tons – a range sufficient to accommodate even the largest kiln and dryer designs.

Production specifications and processes

The casting process is enhanced through our use of refining furnace technology to ensure the removal of impurities, while forgings are manufactured from vacuum degassed billets. An important benefit is our ability to forge large-type riding rings and rollers. The material has a superior grain structure and is therefore significantly less likely to contain impurities.

Open gearing and gearboxes are designed to strictly conform with American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) guidelines in respect of strength, durability, and manufacturing processes.

Rotary Kiln, Dryer and Cooler Parts

In addition to providing service facilities for a wide range of components, we offer full refurbishment programmes for rollers and shafts, girth gears, pinion assemblies and gearboxes.

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